Unintentionally Appropriate Halloween Song

Today’s UAHS is “Kandy Korn” by the late Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, off of the Strictly Personal release. Despite being a near-life long Zappa fan, I’m not that much into Beefheart. He’s far more avant-garde than Zappa and some of his more discordant songs are straight up hard to listen to.

However, this song is more psychadelic and accessible. The lyrics are very curt and after two minutes in, the song turns into a whirling spiral of song. The funny thing is – Beefheart captured the exact feeling of eating candy corn. You start out with purpose, even enjoying yourself and then it just turns into this garbled mush of sugar and artificial colors. It’s not a negative feeling, just a wandering one. Eat a bag of Brachs and you’ll see.

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