Zombie Movie Night

Tonight I’m spending the evening at the local drive-in, which is ending Zombie Awareness Month in style with a zombie movie triple feature! They’re playing Blood of the Zombie, Raiders of the Living Dead, and Space Zombie Bingo! back to back to back and it’s looking to be an interesting night. That’s due in part to the fact I’ll be acting as a chaperone to Poinsettia Freakshow and her boyfriend. Bernie and Loretta are paying me good money to make sure there’s no funny business. Poinsettia’s new beau seems like a nice enough kid, but having to spend the night with a constantly mutating monster with razor sharp claws does tend to keep people on their best behavior.

Thanks to the miracle of streaming video, you can join in on the fun! Below you’ll find official (according to these websites) uploads of the three movies. So grab some popcorn and get settled, because the show is about to begin:

UPDATE: It looks like the first two movies have been taken down! You can still watch Raiders of the Living Dead on Hulu, but Blood of the Zombie seems to be unavailable at the moment. Thank goodness Poinsettia’s date went smoother than this! If you really want a third zombie movie, there’s always Night of the Living Dead:

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