The Revenge of Horror Trivia

A rejected version of the “Library Ghost” prop from Ghostbusters was later retooled for use in Fright Night!

Japan is home to dining establishments based on Resident Evil and Suspiria.

Although the names of the men used to create Frankenstein’s monster have never been revealed, the identity of the woman used to create his “Bride” is one Madeleine Ernestine.

Afterlife With Archie isn’t Archie’s first attempt at serious horror, as Sabrina the Teenage Witch used to act as the host of a horror comic book. What else an I say? The 70’s were a weird time for Archie comics.

The titular characters in Invasion of the Blood Farmers were initially going to be aliens before budget issues resulted in them getting the origin used in the film.

There was almost a crossover between Picket Fences and The X-Files. Seriously.

There was a made for TV sequel to Rosemary’s Baby. Speaking of which, the Devil costume seen in the 70’s cheapie Asylum of Satan is claimed to be the one used in Rosemary’s Baby.

Although plans were made for a game based on The Car, Kenner ultimately abandoned the idea.

Best known for the literary classic The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton is apparently very fond of Supernatural and has written numerous fan fiction about characters from the show.

One of the earliest dramatic television shows is the 30’s series The Television Ghost, which consisted of a man dressed as a ghost telling the story of how he died.

Once upon a time, Miramax had plans on making a modern day anthology film. However, the project never came to be since two of the planned three segments were deemed so impressive they were expanded into feature films: Mimic and Impostor. The third segment, Alien Love Triangle, saw limited release as a short film.

When the exploits of a Japanese serial killer made Toho nervous about a planned zombie movie, they reworked the project into the science fiction film Mikadroid. The already completed zombie props were then used to depict corpses in said film.

During the planning stages of the first Godzilla movie, the king of the monsters was saddled with some unusual design concepts.


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