Creepy Cocktails and Devious Drinks III


A mug of hot apple cider is just the thing for a cold autumn night. Thanks to iloveitallofit, you actually have quite the selection of different recipes to choose from!

“Spooky Fog Drinks” can be great fun for a party…just as long as you make sure nobody is actually served dry ice in their drinks and you read up on safely using it.

What’s better than Shipyard Pumpkinhead ale? Cocktails made with Shipyard Pumpkinhead ale! Thanks to YouTube, you can learn how to brew beer in a pumpkin and make “Ghoul Drool.”

Whipped Lightning has recipes for drinks like “Banshee,” “Rumkin,” “Trick or Treat” and “Pumpkin Pie à la Mode” while Barina Craft has plenty of ghost cocktails to choose from.

Is EveryDay Is a Crafting Day’s “Green Grog” a drink or food? Whatever it is, it looks delicious!

“Queimada” is quite the interesting drink. It is often brewed in a pumpkin while an incantation is chanted over it before ignition takes place. Yes, I said “ignition.” The eerie blue flames are a wonder to behold. Those daring enough to try it can find the recipe on’s Spanish Food section.

Those preferring something less intense can head over to Celebrate & Decorate for some “Pink-eye Potion” and recipes for Halloween punch. Babble’s “Caramel Apple Cider Shooters” are also highly recommended. Older drinkers can opt for a “Bloody Sunday Cocktail” from or a “Pumpkin Pie Martini” from We are not Martha. and Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction also offer Halloween cocktail recipes.

Please drink responsibly!

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