January 2016 archive

6’+ Episode 170 is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “We rise from our graves to mourn the recently dead and celebrate the future — the horrible, magnificent future. We revel in the moment with music from THE ASTRO ZOMBIES, BALZAC, THE MEN WHO WILL NOT BE BLAMED FOR NOTHING and more. Monstermatt Patterson brings you …

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Comes the Kraken

I’m in the process of making a sideshow-style gaff of a “Kraken tentacle”. The basic technique is identical to the one in the original “Making a Tentacle” tutorial, but veers off a bit from the “Tentacles: The Suckering” followup. This approach produces much more realistic suckers by using short lengths of aquarium tubing attached to …

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Free (Legal) Download: Airlock

A lot has happened since we last saw the people behind The Tunnel. Although the sequel The Tunnel: Dead End is still in the works, writer/producer/editor Enzo Tedeschi is also developing other projects. One of which is Deadhouse Films, a company devoted to both producing and distributing Australian horror and science fiction media to the …

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6’+ Episode 169 is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “HAPPY NEW YEAR! Before we can celebrate 2016, let us bury 2015 by going over some of the killer tracks that were released in the year. Hear music from ZOMBINA AND THE SKELETONES, THE MANGLED DEAD, THE BRAINS, and so much more. Will Baby New Year …

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