Grave of Horror Trivia

Godzilla’s roar could be heard from three miles away if the Legendary version existed in real life.

The Japanese distributor of The Beast of Hollow Mountain tried cashing in on the kaiju craze by referring to the beast as “Doragodon” in publicity materials for the film. Similarly, Deep Red was promoted in Japan as being a sequel to Suspiria despite its having been made years before that particular movie!

Speaking of Suspiria, Dario Argento had wanted the dance school students to all be portrayed by children. Seeing the numerous issues bound to be caused by a movie showing little girls getting brutally murdered, others involved in the project talked him out of it. But some elements from this early script are still present in the finished project, such as the immature behavior of characters and their having to stand up on their toes in order to reach doorknobs.

Werewolf: The Beast Among Us was originally going to be a spin-off from Universal’s remake of The Wolfman. Similarly, the script for Blood on Satan’s Claw was initially written as an anthology of separate stories, but they were all eventually combined into a single narrative.

Despite what you might think, only a third of the dinosaur scenes in Jurassic Park utilized computer effects.

A film editing table was used as part of the prop spaceship control equipment seen in Journey to the Seventh Planet.

Back when Merian C. Cooper was first developing King Kong, he considered using footage of actual gorillas and komodo dragons! Thankfully this was dropped and we got the stop motion classic we all know and love today. But it is admittedly a better idea than the casting call for the 70’s remake asking for African-American actors to play the title role!

Any fan of the classic Adventures of Superman TV series is bound to do a double take after hearing the music from The Dungeon of Harrow. Why? Because both productions use stock music tracks from a company called Mutel. But it gets stranger: Said tracks were originally written for films like Open Secret and The Guilty and were secretly rerecorded in Europe in order to get around restrictions on using such music in television shows.

Contrary to popular belief, Evil Dead II is not a reboot or remake. The way the film was sold to other countries would have made distribution of the sequel too complicated if they wanted to reuse footage from the first film. When they decided to refilm the events of the original movie instead, Sam Raimi tried to simplify things by only focusing on the characters of Ash and his girlfriend, hence the confusion.

Universal’s Tarantula is actually a remake of sorts of an old episode of Science Fiction Theater. However, the tarantula only appeared in the film version.

Have you ever wondered why the original version of The Thing uses the title “The Thing From Another World” instead of its more commonly used name? It’s because the film first went into production as The Thing but the popularity of a novelty song using that name prompted a last minute title change in order to avoid potential confusion.

When Robert Kirkman first approached Image Comics about The Walking Dead, the company didn’t feel the story of life in a zombie apocalypse would be interesting enough and demanded a twist of some kind. So he said the zombies were going to be part of an alien invasion force and got the book approved, despite having no intention of ever addressing that in the story! Thankfully Image saw how well the book was doing after the first few issues and told him to drop the alien aspect.

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