Valenslime’s Day Special

See that guy in the above picture? No, he’s not Charlie Chaplin! It’s none other than Edgar Allan Poe. Well, it’s Henry B. Walthall portraying Edgar Allan Poe, but you get the point. The guy knew a thing or two about romance and his poem “Annabel Lee” is a wonderful mix of romance and the macabre.

If you want a truly unique gift, why not purchase Venus de Vilo’s downloadable comic book about a truly horrific love story? You can also head over to her SoundCloud page for free songs about romance gone wrong, like “From Groom to Grave” and “Stalk Me.”

Speaking of freebies, RavensBlight has a free printable upgrade for your standard box of chocolates!

The Facebook page for Scary Monsters magazine has a wonderfully weird take on “My Funny Valentine” which you can sing along to! Speaking of Facebook, Flying Frog Productions has some free Valentine’s cards to promote their games:

Last Night on Earth
Fortune and Glory
A Touch of Evil
Shadows of Brimstone

But if those aren’t your thing, perhaps these free Ugly Americans cards will do the trick.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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