Record Store Day Is Here!

It might not be the third Saturday in April, but it’s still Record Store Day! So here’s our annual unofficial (in addition to being unauthorized and unsanctioned) celebration of the event. Whether you don’t have a participating store in your area or just want some more goodies after you get back from the local record store, we have a wonderful selection of stuff for you. Let’s start with some suggested vinyl purchases:

Thee Corsairs/The Fink Bombs
The Mad Doctors
Lee Rosevere
Buio Mondo
Brand New Hate
Lycanthia and Atten Ash
Dr Loomis and the Freakies
The Dahmers
Raygun Cowboys
Contessa & The Squires
X Ray Cat Trio

Although many of these are listed with a price given in non-American currency, you can click on “Buy Now” to get the option to pay in your currency of choice. Supplies are limited for most of these, so act fast and buy while you still can!

You can always name your own price for this next batch of albums if you don’t like any of the above prices. If you like metal, be sure to check out the doom metal greatness that is Second Grave and the thrash stylings of Ape X and The Neanderthal Death Squad. The Wastedeads have an entire live concert available as a single track while Protector 101 is offering a rare look at his early works in the traditional multiple track format. Horror of 59 has two albums for you and Graveface Records has a fantastic sampler album. Similarly, Intravenous Magazine is offering numerous compilation albums. If you only know of Robby Bloodshed from his time with Bad Whoremoans, then you need to check out his solo work! Some artist have anticipated how many will choose to buy their work for nothing and have made additional offers in order to tempt them into actually giving them money. The Phantom Operators are donating half of their profits to the Fender Music Foundation and Stuart J Attic has pledged to give any dollar amount paid for this album to legal aid for families who have had their homes foreclosed. So open your heart along with your wallet.

But there are options for those who don’t have any cash to spare. Dragula might be long gone, but you can still snag some of their music for free. The Dead RocksOne Million Dollar Surf Band is available on the The Internet Archive. They also have a greatest hits album from Jonathan Coulton. The Apes Party mixes surf and punk while Motor City Madness has plenty of garage punk goodness for you. Cyco Sanchez Supergroup has a massive live album available for free on Bandcamp while Cooter and the Crawlies only have a small sampler. Other such sample EPs are available from Midnight Zombie Alligator and Beastmen.

Happy Record Store Day!

As always, Gravedigger’s Local 16 is not to be held responsible for anything that may occur (be it good or bad) as a result of downloading from any links given here. Attempt at your own discretion. Blah blah blah…

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