Haunted Attraction Tour Videos II

It was a hard search, but I managed to find enough haunted attraction tour videos which met the criteria I discussed last year. I enjoyed the range of audio options used this time around (although this year’s selection admittedly starts off with several videos featuring music from the same artist). Hopefully next time’s selection will have even more variety!

Please keep in mind that strobes and other flashing lights might be present in the following:

Notice how I said “next time’s selection” rather than “next year’s selection.” That’s because I had to search far and wide to find enough material to justify this article’s existence! There were a large amount of videos that would have qualified if the creator had stuck with Creative Commons tracks rather than suddenly tacking on an unauthorized piece of music and getting their video flagged as a result. So if you can’t track down any audio you’re allowed to use, please try your hand at making your own audio. I’m a sucker for original works and would love it if people reading this sent me tour videos of their haunts. Otherwise I might not be able to do another installment next year!

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