Taking Care of Masks

Odds are that anyone reading this website has at least one latex mask they want to preserve. Maybe it’s to wear again on future Halloweens (or haunts) or maybe you just want to display it. Whatever the rationale for this perfectly reasonable desire is, don’t store them on styrofoam wig heads! This might seem like an odd thing to say, given how costume and party stores often display masks on those, but it can potentially ruin your mask if used for long term storage. Don’t believe me? Perhaps you’ll be convinced by the following video from AJ Good / The House of Masks:

His suggestion for using bottles to display masks is better, but I’d personally avoid filling the bottles with water in order to prevent potential mold issues. In fact, I skip bottles entirely and stuff my masks with old shirts. Those curious about permanently filling masks with foam to display them will also appreciate AJ’s video on the matter:

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