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Great Classic Ghost Stories

The term “ghost story” can have many meanings. The most obvious one is a scary story specifically about one or more ghosts, while others might use it to describe any scary story. Some might even go as far as to label any tale involving a ghost as a “ghost story,” even if the story isn’t …

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Batman: The Lazarus Syndrome

I am vengeance...I am the night...I am Batman!

[Author’s note: This was originally supposed to be part of a review series focusing on superheroes and their connections various aspects of death and horror. Sadly, things did not go according to plan and all but this release fell through.] Death is a major part of the Batman mythos. In addition to the character being …

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H.P. Lovecraft Radio Hour Volume 1

Founded in 2008, the goal of the H.P. Lovecraft Radio Hour is to spread awareness of Lovecraft’s works in audio form using a mix of adaptations and original comedy sketches (as a way of “eroding the grains of sanity you so hopelessly clutch”). The debut release, H.P. Lovecraft Radio Hour Volume 1, features the following …

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Didn't some hicks nix this?

Given the renewed interest in 3D movies these days, I’m somewhat surprised that 3D audio isn’t receiving a similar comeback. After all, iPods have done wonders for sales of headphones (a requirement for 3D audio, not unlike the need for 3D glasses during movie-watching) and the promotional potential is definitely there. Although not the first …

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Special Order

Lose yourself in a book...

Those of you who read “Fear For Your Ears” will no doubt recognize the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company. Founded in 1984 by William L. Brown and Patrick Stansbury, they initially sponsored a one hour radio program on WGST 640. Thomas E. Fuller was soon recruited as a writer due to his background as a playwright …

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