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Linger Longer V: Costume Lazyness

Despite being from 1998, the comments in this ClassicOnA upload regarding “wacky” topical Halloween costumes are still as true today as they were then: Meanwhile, Yarsh29 brings us this gem featuring America’s favorite ghost hunter: As is always the case for “Linger Longer” entries, these videos are NSFW!

Linger Longer IV: A Fistful of Boomstick

rqbuchanan uploaded a multiple part interview with Bruce Campbell. Then it got taken down. Thankfully, TheVirusUnofficial has uploaded the same interview as a single video. Need I say more? As this is an O&A video, some language might be NSFW:

Linger Longer III: Legion

Depending on your sense of humor, the following is either the greatest or worst Linda Blair interview ever recorded: For those of you that would prefer a horror-related Opie and Anthony video with just a bit more substance: Surprisingly, only the first one is NSFW. And if that “imbalance” bothers you, well, just look through …

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Linger Longer II: The Legend of Jimmy’s Gold

Opie and Anthony fans are well acquainted with Jim Norton’s multi-talented character, “Ted Sheckler.” In this installment, Ted looks back on his career as a ghost hunter. First we have the full length (audio only) version uploaded by Yarsh29: For those of you with slower connections, here’s the animated “best of” version by cokelogic (uploaded …

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Linger Longer

Some poor schmuck went on “The Opie & Anthony Show” in order to promote his low budget horror movie, Gap. Although the hosts got some licks in, comedian Louis CK took it upon himself to brutally rip apart all aspects of the film as its pretentious creator tries (and fails) to defend himself. Here’s part …

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