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Women are scary, too.

Jason. Freddy. Leatherface. Pinhead. Where are the women? Technically, it was Mrs. Voorhees who did all the killing in the first ‘Friday,’ but where are the iconic female monsters to compete with the males? I haven’t seen all the horror movies out there and my memory can be dim as a jack o’lantern’s candle in …

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Monster Jokes

Ah, cheesy monster jokes. They are a staple of any young, growing horror fan’s reading diet and they’re impossible to escape during October. As I don’t know whether or not directly posting jokes falls under “fair use” rules, I’ll avoid any potential trouble by linking to several previews of spooky joke books. So if you’re …

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World Needs Monsters – diemonsterdie

You don’t need to go any earlier than the first Ramones record to see how interlinked punk and horror have been from the start:  you can find it in ‘Chainsaw,’ a punk tribute to the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre,’ but as well in ‘I Don’t Want To Go Down to The Basement.’  There was something automatic …

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Time to end this.

Weird Jon’s gone for a bit, technical difficulties and what not. Drop him a line wishing him to ‘Come Back Soon’ ‘cause dirt knows I can’t do this job alone. Each hand holds the shovel in its own way and it takes more than one to dig a hole. Here’s a question: Do you root …

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