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Making A Krampus Costume

The last time I discussed constructing a Krampus costume, I focused more on assembling something from store bought costume parts rather than making one from scratch. I wanted something that would be a relatively easy way for even those without the best costume or prop-making skills to make a Krampus suit. But I also realize …

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Build Your Own Krampus Costume

Those of you who remember my article about the Krampus might recall that people dressing up as the character is a holiday tradition in several European countries. Naturally, those living in countries without that tradition will recognize the inherent coolness of the Krampus and will be tempted to introduce others to the concept. And what …

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Many of you probably know of the Krampus from its appearance on The Venture Bros. Christmas special. For those that don’t, I’ll explain: The Krampus is a type of legendary creature (some accounts claim it’s a type of incubus) that is said to act as a companion or counterpart to Saint Nicholas (aka Santa Claus) …

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