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Music In Costume: The Young Werewolves dress up as Billy Idol

The Young Werewolves usually include a cover on all their releases (plus, they did a version of RATT’s “Round and Round” on the mostly-covers album ROCKABILLY & PSYCHOBILLY MADNESS. They’re due for a new album so here’s hoping we hear from them in 2015 (or sooner.) It’s a good cover. The original has its charm, …

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Howling at the Moon

The Young Werewolves http://www.theyoungwerewolves.com Vampires are currently having their day in the sun (har har) thank to ‘Twilight’ and zombies have regained some coolness with movies from ’28 Days Later’ to the recent ‘Zombieland.’ There’s a new generation learning what all death rock and horror enthusiasts know – spooky is cool. Benicio del Toro and …

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