Happy Cinco de Mayo!

What better way for Gravedigger’s Local 16 to celebrate this fine day than to pay tribute to K. Gordon Murray? Not only was he the son of a funeral parlor director, but he’s also responsible for bringing tons of Mexican horror movies to the America. If not for him, many would not have experienced weird and wonderful films like The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy, The Brainiac, Doctor of Doom, and The Vampire’s Coffin. He was also the first person to introduce the greatness that is El Santo to English-speaking audiences, albeit renamed as “Samson.” To learn more about Mr. Murray and the films he distributed, check out “The Wonder World of K. Gordon Murray” and his Wikipedia entry.

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  1. […] first three were dubbed by K. Gordon Murray who presumably changed the luchador’s name to “Samson” in an attempt to make the […]

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