October 16, 2009 archive

Transylvania TV: ON THE AIR

One of the related YouTube videos to Spook House Dave’s channel led to ‘Transylvania TV’ (or TVTV), a puppet show from Minneapolis. More adult themed in nature (language, content, nothing too graphic) it’s not for kids despite being very similar to your Sesame Street/Muppet fare. They have a DVD of their first season out (as …

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Creepy Cocktails

Since we covered food and non-alcoholic punches last time, I thought it would be a good idea to devote today’s entry to “hard” drinks not suitable for minors. Getting back to Lesley Pratt Bannatyne’s A Halloween How-To: Costumes, Parties, Decorations, and Destinations from yesterday’s entry: Spiked Halloween Punch and Blood-Red Cocktails Spicy Bloody Mary and …

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