Tiger Army

I don’t know the guy personally but I’m sure that Tim Armstrong of Rancid is a big fan of psychobilly. Nekromantix, HorrorPops and The Creepshow are all signed to his Hellcat Records label, which also is home to Devils Brigade, which is Matt Freeman’s side project when he’s not playing in Rancid. 

Over ten years at Hellcat, Tiger Army is a band that has become synonymous with psychobilly as Nekromantix. Tiger Army first appeared out in California by Nick 13 in 1996. It’s one of those cases, like Mr. Chi Pig of SNFU, where time has made for a rotating cast of characters supporting the front man. Tiger Army lives as long as Nick 13 lives
There’s a more western punk influence in Tiger Army. Smoother. Kind of less reliant on the signature slap-bass sound that the upright brings to the table. There’s that 90’s Bay Area attitude to the music that makes it seems less aggressive as one might expect out of no-hope-fuck-you situations you’ll find on the East Coast. Granted, why would you move to Southern California?
(seriously, Hellcat? ‘Embedding Disabled by Request? You’re killing me, Tim) 
Tiger Army’s last release came out three years ago, which is pretty weird to me because I actually remember it coming out. Normally, this stuff happens under my radar, which is funny since the last release was called MUSIC FROM REGIONS BEYOND. 
They’re playing this Halloween – both on the 30th and 31st. Throw Rag is there, as well as Mad Sin. If you’re located in Anaheim or will be in that part of the world, check them out. Nick 13 has some solo country work coming out, which sounds pretty nice so far. I’ll have to pick up a copy if’s it out. I like roots country and I hope the best for Nick13. Hell, if he and Blanche can put on a show sometime around here, I would buy them all a drink and personally thank them if I could. . 

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    • Tomara Armstrong on October 20, 2010 at 1:15 pm
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    I saw them a couple of years ago on the Warped tour, and I was smitten.

    They have such a presence, and that blue upright is a beauty.

    Amazing live show. Great post!

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