Killer Videos

Some killer videos that have come across my attention as of late.

First up, big thanks to the High Priest of H. P. Lovecraft, Toren Atkinson. He linked to the long awaited video from The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. “20 Minutes of Oxygen” is off of their great album Spaceship Zero. It’s unnatural how great this video looks and coincides with the song. A great job by all the Thickets and Mike Jackson’s Steam Powered Films.

20 Minutes of Oxygen – The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets from Mike Jackson on Vimeo.

Second, I spent the last weekend watching this video over and over again. Tesco Vee and his infamous band of music marauders, The Meatmen, wrote a song for The Ded Dave Show. We told you about The Ded Dave Show before. They’re still going strong and, as you can see, Ded Dave has reached out into the music show with his Ded Dave Show Radio Show/Gravecast. Detroit. Death. Sexy Zombie Girls (PS THE VIDEO IS NSFW – ADULTS ONLY). Seems Ded Dave and the Meatmen have a lot in common.

The Meatmen “I Wanna Die on The Ded Dave Show!” from The Ded Dave Show on Vimeo.

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