The Man Who Collected Food

Caught a glimpse of this 2010 film a few days ago. THE MAN WHO COLLECTED FOOD came out on DVD & Blu-Ray last month and its generating a buzz for its interesting premise.

“Miguel Appet is a serious collector.  He must have the color variants, the rarities, the 1950s originals: every food he can find–and keep–in mint condition.  No one but his overbearing mother knows that his home, tucked in the quiet suburb of Cibuston, has become a massive museum to comestibles….And Miguel eats…people.  He has to, since eating his precious food is not an option.  However, being a cannibal is not as easy as it seems, especially when you have a food collection to take care of…”

Cannibalism! It’s interesting that this is a suburban take on the concept of human-eat-human. Hannibal Lector added a high-class sociopath spin to a behavior commonly associated with unsophistication (i.e. savage rednecks and Amazonian tribes.) Plus, I’m curious to see why Miguel collects food and how he started down this path of eating people. My first thoughts after viewing the trailer is that Miguel is played to be possibly autistic? Or am I confusing the eye of the collector with that mental/physical condition?

I need to get a copy of this movie and put a review up. The premise seems really interesting and I’m dangerously getting my hopes up.  But I have a good feeling about this. If anyone else has seen this – is it good? What did you like about it?

Find the official site here and the Facebook page over here.


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