Tuesday uEtsy: Timebomb Kustoms

Tuesday uEtsy

Timebomb Kustoms

Out here in Leathbridge, there’s a part where the river bends around a rocky bit of hillside where townsfolk usually camp out on hot days to go swimming in the deep part of the bend, deep enough that the brave can jump from anywhere up to twenty feet and be safe.

Up past the safe point, where the posted signs and installed fences prohibit diving sit rusty but none the less efficient, an eye can look out past Phrank Point and see the curve of the interstate that follows the river’s path. A lot of freight gets shifted on that way since it’s too far from any port or train depot.

Late night, you’ll find a few more than just teenagers leaning over the fence. Some old bodies with deep eyes gaze out at the road and see all the million miles that never got put under their feet. People stuck in town, by happenstance or by choice. It’s a quiet time, where lit cigarette butts trick fireflies into dancing and the only sound save the splash of the nighttime water on the cold riverbank is a passing truck, its highbeams lighting up the forest.

Bubbling tiki mug

Capturing some of the wild side of the road is Timebomb Kustoms. Elbow deep in the black-red oil of the kustom kulture, these pieces of art are available for both your living room and your front cab.

Von Frankeneye

You know what this world needs? More flying eyeballs. We don’t think there’s enough flying eyes in this world for its own good. There’s too little flying eyes for our tastes. Thank goodness that Timebomb Kustoms has provided this beautiful print of what we need, now more than ever.

Brown Dum Dum Tiki shift knob

Automatic transmission wastes fuel and if you learn how to drive stick, you’ll find that it’ll make you 15% more attractive to people you will want to date. These are reasons alone to try your hand at Standard transmission, though good luck with the clutch. However, as a reward to mastering the shifting gears, get yourself this shift knob. Timebomb Kustoms has a wide range of available adornments to your stick, to add that bit personality to your ride.

Atomic Frank shift knob

You don’t need a hotrod to buy one of these. You could have a Shriner’s go-kart, much like the Atomic Frank demonstrates here with his thermonuclear fez. If you want Frank here to just watch you play World of Warcraft and judge you, by all means. Purchase. Though, from looking at that smile, Frank here isn’t that much of a judging type. Frank’s cool.

8×18 pinstriped and metal flake panel

Bad pinstripes are like the crappy prison tattoo of cars. If you’re going to screw around with your car, why not save up and get some decent work done. And for some of you who DON’T have cars, hell. Why let that stop you? WHY LET  ANYTHING STOP YOU? Instead, you can purchase this metal panel, flaked and striped from Timebomb Kustoms and hang it in your room. That’s how much of a gear head you are. You don’t even need a car.


The Atomic Trucker

If knobs and metal panels aren’t your thing, we don’t know what to say. Hopefully, it’s not permanent. Instead, try to cure yourself with some of the original art on display here. Much like the Ed Roth, Rat Fink type, Timebomb Kustoms doesn’t get itself bogged down in the kustom kulture’s heyday, instead looking forward to the future. And the future GLOWS IN THE DARK. We can’t say this paining glows in the dark. It will keep an eye on things when your asleep. Let that comfort you.

Go to Timebomb Kustoms esty page and find out how you can make your life so much cooler. But you’ll never be too cool for another Tuesday Etsy spotlight next week.

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