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Tuesday uEtsy

[For those who are searching for unique horror items, one can’t beat Etsy.com. Each Tuesday, Gravedigger’s Local 16 aims to highlight one seller. If you’re looking to spruce up your look, redecorate your sanctorum or get a gift for that special something in your life, Etsy.com is your place for spooky econo.]


Frankenstein Monster white vinyl decal/sticker

Glenn the Sasquatch came by the office at Quiet Side recently. W. Jon and S. Jason were covering the night watch.

“I’m surprised you haven’t hired someone to do this,” Glenn said as he was poured a cup of coffee, dealt into the game of pitch and welcomed by the few people of Leathbridge who might not turn in fright at the sight of a near seven foot tall Bigfoot.

“Not many can handle your occasional visit,” W. Jon told Glenn. “And when did you get a truck?”
“Bernie, yeah. Got me a deal with a guy,” said Glenn.
“How did you get insurance?”
“Same guy. Also got me a license. Real nice chap. ”

Sure enough, Glenn is a legal driver, certified to operate anything with two axels this side of a confused horse.

“Who taught you how to drive?”
“Bernie, again. Guess he did figure it’ll help him when his Poinsettia starts up, yeah. Figures if he can make it through teaching a Sasquatch how to parallel park, teaching his daughter will be a breeze.”

Such musings keep the weary awake during the late hours in Leathbrige. Glenn’s car, though used, came without any kind of superfluous decorations. Barring that no organized sport holds appeal to the general Sasquatch population save Roller Derby (“Though, do take a shine to that Brian Wilson fella,” Glenn said, pointing out the closing pitcher for the San Francisco Giants), the options for what to put on the back window of Glenn’s truck remain up in the air. Anything sasquatch related seems a bit too boastful for the humble Glenn, though he might want to consider some of the decals offered by today’s store – VoodooPin.

Charles Nelson Reilly CNR White vinyl decal/sticker Match Game

The late Charles Nelson Reilly, character actor known for his distinct voice and campy mannerisms, was canonized in the Dead Milkmen’s song “Serrated Edge.” Flamboyant but controlled, Reilly was a wit and a half and is clearly a valued entity when dealing with the off-worldly and bizarre. Consider him a stepping stone towards harder drugs like Jon Waters. Put this decal on where you can pay tribute daily as you prepare to take on and own the day.

Legend Darkness Black vinyl decal/sticker

Voodoo Pin offers a variety of pop culture stickers/decals, all within a dark, outsider mentality. If you’ve ever rooted for the bad guy (before it was cool to do so) then it’s likely that you’ll want to buy everything at Voodoo Pin. Here, we see the character of Darkness, portrayed by Tim Curry and twenty pounds of make-up, from the 1985 film Legend. Starring a only-semi-crazy Tom Cruise, the real appeal of the movie was Tim Curry, even if you had to dig through ten layers of latex to find him.

Drop Dead Gorgeous VoodooSugar Photography Magnet Skull Skeleton

Of course, VoodooPin wouldn’t only have decals. They also offer magnets, shirts and even totes. Entice the right people to enter while keeping the wrong people out of your fridge, locker or cubicle with this Drop Dead Gorgeous magnet. Clearly, there’s really no other way. KEEP OUT posters are too brazen and you never know who you’re preventing from wasting your time. Your only option is to buy this.

Bride Of Frankenstein Made For Each Other Black Zippered Tote Bag Ready To Ship Classic Horror

This is awesome, even if you’re not big on romance or black tote bags. It’s much better than those green or blue bags you buy for a dollar at a grocery store so you can somehow negate the guilt of a lifetime spent with plastic bags. It’s clearly outfitted for you to apply your own customization, with pins and patches (some of which can be bought from VoodooPin.) Clearly, this is something beyond the pale of human comprehension. That’s right. VoodooPin are aliens. Alien zombies who have taken to etsy. FLEE!

Red Hot Riding Hood Magnet red corset burlesque pin up

Not content with staying with horror and spooky themes, a lot of their artwork features sexy pinups from those times when you were first discovering sex. It’s a rad and confusing time, and you can relive those moments every day. Hopefully, you’ve gained enough confidence in yourself that you can look upon this Tex Avery inspired artwork and say “Yes. This is what put me down the path I currently walk” with some sense of pride. Or regret. Either way, buy.

Head over to VoodooPin’s shop  (or check out their main page www.VoodooSugar.com) to see all that there is to see. When you’re done making your purchases, sit knowing that you’ve done right by the universe. We’ll wait for you, back here, until the next Tuesday uEtsy.

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