It’s El Santo de Mayo!

Remember last year’s news about the discovery of the previous lost El Vampiro y El Sexo variant of the film of Santo en el tesoro de Dracula (translation: Santo in “The Treasure of Dracula”)? Well, we have an update! The film was shown both in theaters and the CineMexico cable channel before El Hijo del Santo got his hands on it. Despite his fears of the film tarnishing his father’s reputation, it is amusing to note that all of the nude vampire women always have their clothes magically reappear whenever El Santo encounters them.

While his decision is disappointing, we here at Gravedigger’s Local 16 want to stress that El Hijo del Santo is not a bad guy. Although we disagree with him, we do understand his feelings on the film. After all, who wants to think about one of your parents and sex at the same time? Besides, he’s lent his/his father’s image to WiLDCOAST to promote marine life conservation in a series of short films. It’s hard to tell whether or not he’s supposed to be playing his father, as the terms “Santo” and “El Hijo del Santo” are used interchangeably. As it’s Zombie Awareness Month (and since the first “real” El Santo film had him battling zombies), let’s watch Santo vs Los Zombies Comehuevos (El Santo vs. the Egg-Eating Zombies):

In addition to the eating of endangered sea turtle meat (graphic image warning), the consumption of turtle eggs is a big problem in Mexico. Why? Because many people think that it will increase male sexual potency! Now you know why the zombies are clad in boxers. Both of the websites mentioned in the video have English language versions available and you can find more videos at WiLDCOAST’s official Youtube channel. Please visit them so you can learn more about helping save the sea turtles (along with all the other wonderful sea creatures).

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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