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It’s been ages since I’ve done one of these and Atomic’s been hogging the concept for far too long. Now it’s time to reclaim what I started:

The Cinema Snob – Ever wonder what would happen if a snobby film critic tried reviewing exploitation films? Thanks to Brad Jones’ hilarious video reviews, now you don’t have to wonder anymore! As seen on That Guy With The Glasses.

The Dead Next Door: A Field Guide to Regional Horror Films – As I’ve said before, I LOVE regional horror films, so this site is like crack to me.

Scar Stuff – Although the music files are long gone, Scar Stuff is still the greatest resource of information about old spooky records available online.

The A.V. Club – Once a part of The Onion devoted to covering movies and TV, The A.V. Club has since grown into its own massive site. The humorous (but often lengthy) comments section of each article are well worth reading.

Hark A Vagrant! – Kate Beaton’s comics makes history and literature awesome. Well, more awesome than usual…

Foywonder – “One man. Many movies. No life.” Scott Foy tackles everything from mainstream theatrical releases to the rarest obscurities in his ongoing quest to mock the worst the entertainment industry has to offer.

Creepypasta Wiki – If you don’t know Slender Man from Jeff the Killer, this is the site for you.

The SCP Foundation – Serve. Contain. Protect. The mysterious SCP Foundation’s goal is to protect the world from paranormal threats. If you’re looking to kill some time, reading their current mission briefings and case files (or adding in some of your own) is the perfect way go about it.

Dinosaur Dracula – X-Entertainment strikes back from the grave!

The Drive-In Mob – Because making fun of bad movies on Twitter is much more fun if you’re doing it with other people.

Pop Culture Junk Mail – Or as I like to call it “the blog before blogs existed.” Long before Blogspot came into being, the PCJM website acted as an extremely well-written collection funny and fascinating information with (with much love for Halloween). Although the archives didn’t make the jump over to Blogspot, the mission remains the same.

Cocktail Nation – Koop Kooper serves up an amazing selection of exotica and lounge music every week.

Teleport City – “Yesterday’s Tomorrow Today!” Teleport City has been covering bizarre movies, long-forgotten music and unusual travel destinations since 1998. It also holds a special place in my heart since it’s been a major influence on my writing style. Technically this is a repeat, but I wanted to share the site’s alternate URL.

Universal Monster Army – Their motto says it best: “Universal monsters and vintage monster toys unite in the Universal Monster Army!”

Eccentric Cinema – While many cult film review sites mainly focus on making jokes, Eccentric Cinema opts to look deeper into the subjects of its reviews. Just make sure not to read it at work (the same warning also applies to most of the review sites listed here).

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