Mangled Leftovers: The Mangled Dead’s 2013 Halloween Set

One of my current favorite bands is The Mangled Dead. I really like their lo-fi attitude to horror punk. They’re one of those bands full of musicians who, if they were to forgo the horror business and write more mainstream songs, I could easily see playing with any of the garage revivalists or fuzz-rockers. I want the best for these guys.

You can tell that the Providence, Rhode Island crowd at AS220 was sparse. Providence might be one place you think would embrace Halloween with open arms since they’ve recently taken to celebrating one of their most famous sons, H.P. Lovecraft. But Providence is Weird.

The Mangled Dead are also a young band. I think they might not have that huge of a following, but if they keep at it, they will. I see nothing but good things for the band. Hopefully, after watching the below set (that their guitarist recorded) you’ll be a fan too.

You can get their discography at Name Your Own Price over at their bandcamp.  my favorite song of theirs is “Don’t Go In The Graveyard” and the live version (at 8:26) has some killer backing vocals. Good job, Mangled Dead.

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  1. I totally agree with you Mr. Strange.
    What a fantastic amount of power these young men have. I and Sherlock Foxxx were listening to the download tonight whilst drinking toadstool schnapps. We were both very impressed and excited.
    Teabag Von Aftenthymes.

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