It Came From Amazon VI

After going over some previous installments of this series, I was inspired to try making a list of all the Goosebumps imitators out there:

Spine Chillers
Bone Chillers
Deadtime Stories
Strange Matter
Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear

That’s right, not even George Lucas could pass up cashing in on the Goosebumps craze! But it gets weirder. Not only have some of these wannabes been reissued, but some have gotten audio adaptations in the past few years! In fact, the publishing date in the link to Deadtime Stories reveals it as a recent series!

There’s a Sherlock Holmes and Kolchak: The Night Stalker crossover. Thankfully the novel has them investigating the same mystery at two very different points in time.

This listing marks the first time a Gravedigger’s Local 16 review was noted in a product’s official description on Amazon. And since I’m in shameless promotion mode, let’s not forget Ha-Ha! Horror and MonsterMatt’s Bad Monster Jokes!

Wait, there was a video game that ripped off Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?

Are you a fan of the “Quatermass” films? Then you might be interested in the obscure radio drama installment of the series. Okay, it’s part documentary and part drama, but it should still be of interest to you.

Let me get this straight: Not only is there a Rampage board game but it actually looks fun to play and captures the original video game’s experience? Awesome!

When I was a child, I had always wanted a Monster Island playset for Godzilla and co. to do battle in. I wish I had known about TimMee Battle Mountain back then. Combining that with a few cheap dinosaur playsets and I would have been all set!

It’s both thrilling and bewildering how Disney decided to officially release Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy. I just wish they had made this available on physical media rather than digital downloads.

So it’s gotten to the point where publishers are putting imitation Twilight covers on works of classic literature in an attempt to get higher sales.

Check out the track listing for Liberal Shop of Horrors. Wow, what a great job of doing absolutely nothing with the concept promised by your album’s title.

Speaking of The Little Shop of Horrors, I love the cover art on this VHS release. It’s charming in its simplicity and the awful proportioning used on Seymour is a hoot. The artwork on the original The Comedy of Terrors VHS is amazingly awesome, as is the art on Adventures Beyond: Chupacabra.

Club Dead (better known under its Terror at Red Wolf Inn title) takes us back to the days when a photograph of a skeleton in a wacky outfit was all a horror movie needed. As Video Yesteryear’s release of White Zombie shows, you didn’t even need a real cover if the price was low enough. Remember when Borders had shelves full of tapes from that company? Hell, remember Borders?

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