It Came from Amazon III

Before we begin, I want to make a comment about my last installment in this series. Remember my joking about Jaws in Japan being a lawsuit waiting to happen? Well, it looks like I wasn’t too far off, as clicking the link I gave for it now gives you a retitled version called Psycho Shark. With that out of the way…

Do you like Jenga but hate its lack of the macabre? Then this “Stack the Bones” game is for you!

It’s funny how George Lucas won’t allow an official release of The Star Wars Holiday Special but is fine with a line of toys that fuses various Star Wars characters with classic horror icons. To be fair, Universal did something similar with “monster wrestler” toys.

As if the above monster mash-ups weren’t enough, Japan has a line of toys that combines Hello Kitty with several giant monsters from the Ultraman franchise.

If this bizarre Polish Son of Godzilla poster isn’t to your liking, then perhaps this velvet poster featuring Godzilla and other Toho daikaiju might be more to your liking. You can even color it yourself!

If you don’t like this “Ghoul Show” poster advertizing a triple feature of Grave of the Vampire, Island of the Ghouls and Garden of the Dead, then you have no heart. In case you were wondering, Island of the Ghouls is just a retitled version of Doomwatch.

I love how the back copy for the VHS release of Kung Fu Zombie plays up the horror aspects of this martial arts movie.

Holy crap, there’s actually an Infra-Man hoodie available? While we’re on the subject, Amazon also has a behind-the-scenes publicity shot from that film available.

The features on this promotional CD-ROM sound interesting and all, but I’m baffled by it’s claim of being hosted by Michael Myers. Isn’t being silent part of that character’s gimmick and all?

I have suspicions about this Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot clock. It lacks any information about the show’s US rightsholder and looks like something one could easily assemble by printing out a picture from the show and inserting it into a picture frame clock (at much less than what they’re charging).

Wait, why does the box art from this VHS release of Godzilla vs. Megalon feature Mothra?

Yeah, it’s a “hugger alien” and not a humping alien. Riiiight…

Eldritch Blue: Love & Sex in the Cthulhu Mythos Really?

They’re reprinting the Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery and Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein comic book series? Awesome!

Although it does reflect on elements in the story, the cover art for this adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Terrible Old Man” deserves an award for its awfulness.

Somebody actually made a card game involving the Cthulhu Mythos and cars.

How can you not love the name used for this VHS release of Star Fleet (a retitled and dubbed version of the Japanese series X-Bomber) called “Attack of the Bionic Robot?” I should also note that although the cover art is illustrated, the show itself is a Gerry Anderson-style puppet series rather than a cartoon and how the show inspired Queen guitarist Brain May’s album, Star Fleet Project.

Thanks to Amazon, I know know that there was a Christian Goosebumps knock-off series.

Speaking of books, it seems author Kenneth Hite has devoted himself to making as many Lovecraftian parodies of classic children’s books as possible.

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