Lux, Alice and George

February 4th is an important day in Horror. We celebrate the birth of two important figures and the passing of another.

Today marks the birthdays of both Alice Cooper and George Romero. Two men whose influence is undeniable. Even if you’ve never listened to an Alice Cooper record, one of your favorite artists was likely influenced by him. And without George Romero, the zombie would still be only a part of voodoo and not the worldwide pop culture icon we know today (and that’s not even taking into account his OTHER films like ‘The Crazies’ and ‘Martin.’)

However, Feburary 4th marks the passing of a  music icon: Lux Interior. As the frontman for The Cramps, he was six feet of rock and roll. One of the most charismatic lead singers to set stage, he sadly left this world for a higher rock plane in 2009.

Spend today crankin’ some Alice Cooper and The Cramps while watching some of George Romero’s finest.








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