Printable Halloween Décor III

Tillinghast Field Sticker

It has been a long, long time since I last shared any printable Halloween decorations with you. Too long if you ask me. I would like to start off by sharing some material I have previously posted in other articles which you might have missed. Then I’ll get to the new stuff. Promise.

Ray O’Bannon has been a very busy fellow. Not only has he added numerous papercraft projects to the link I shared in the first installment, but he has also been added several exclusives to his “Halloween Treats” page! The “Vampire Shadow Caster” would go great with a motion activated light while the chainsaw warning sign has some possibilities with our next project.

That’s right, you can download and print your very own papercraft chainsaw! You have to download and photograph some other of the creator’s projects in order to get the download, but I don’t think that will be an issue. Considering the other prop weapons and masks, you were probably going to download more than one thing anyway.

In addition to a jointed paper Vincent Price figure, I have also shared prop labels, window silhouettes, spooky pictures (suitable for framing) and even a sweet zombie defense poster.

The image illustrating this article comes to us from Propnomicon. His “Paper Props” section hosts things like magic symbols, labels and so much more.

Planning on using a weird west theme for your haunt? Then you need’s Wanted Poster Generator. Those with a mystic theme should enjoy the following spellbook project. has an amazing selection of papercraft projects for Halloween, including a life sized paper model! Horrorwood Hills also has a huge archive of projects available.

Sick of skull projects which focus solely on human skulls? Then you’ll love these nifty little buffalo skull and alligator skull projects. Those who prefer their skulls in mask form will appreciate Laughing Squid’s selection (which also includes a non-skull Cthulhu). Looking for a more traditional skull mask? Papercraft Square has you covered!

Although I generally prefer scary props suitable for home haunts, I do understand there are plenty of people who want stuff that’s a little less intense. Such folks should enjoy a Lurch doorknob hanger or candy corn papercrafts. I suggest gluing the Lurch project onto a cereal box panel before assembling in order to help it last longer. Brian Gubicza Illustration has several masks and an Edgar Allan Poe toy while horror icons can be found at both Cubeecraft and Oh-Sheet Paper Toys.

Those visiting Gravedigger’s Local 16 for the first time are encouraged to step into our vault to see the papercraft goodies I have shared in previous years:

Printable Halloween Décor
Printable Halloween Décor II

I promise not to lock you in. Honest.

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