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You’re no better than Puppetose Street

Longtime readers of the site know it’s no secret that that we love puppets. Especially the inventive use of a low budget and twisted humor from the warped world of Puppetose. Given the Halloween season, I thought it would be good to share one of my favorite episodes of PuppeTose Street, wherein the gang visits …

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PuppeTose Street Vol. 1 & 2

PuppeTose Street Vol. 1 & 2 Despite the name, PuppeTose Street isn’t a parody of Sesame Street, though both utilize puppets and seem to be about learning. But those taught by Fuller and Milo are not the lessons of Muppet-stock. Along with Gypsy Bitch, Louis Lackluster and the landlord, Buford T. Hick, the cast of …

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