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Music to Haunt By: The Horrorville Haunt

Hollywood Haunts Official Site The Horrorville Haunt, Introsound 2013 In the years since I reviewed Monster Movie Haunts! in the first “Music to Haunt By” series, Hollywood Haunts (aka Introsound) seems to have focused more on creating albums intended for use at parties rather than spooky ambiance CDs. But don’t think that’s a complaint against …

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Music to Haunt By: Sonic Realm

Sonic Realm Official Site Halloween Horrorscapes, Koberlin Studios 2007 Halloween Horrorscapes is a very interesting case. Although it’s an album of soundscapes, there’s just enough music in it to keep it from being your typical scary sounds CDs. Also separating it from the usual Halloween fare are its intense, not entirely kid-friendly nature and its …

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