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Make Your Own Spooky Sound Effects II

It’s been a few years since I last discussed how to make custom sound effects and I have been spending that time seeking out more sound effect ideas. Speaking of last year, remember how I noted how one could imitate a cricket using only your mouth? Fred Newman’s MouthSounds has detailed directions on doing so …

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The Apprehension Engine

Composer Mark Korven was sick of being limited to the same old sounds when he wanted to do something new and fresh with his horror scores. So he got in touch with Tony Duggan-Smith to create a new kind of musical instrument. This instrument would be used to create just the sort of jarring and …

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Make Your Own Spooky Sound Effects

Many years ago my younger brother and I tried making a custom soundtrack for our homemade haunted house. Emphasis on “tried.” It started out great at first, the door to the basement already creaked when it opened and my brother’s impression of an old witch welcoming visitors in was perfect. The trouble started when we …

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Music to Haunt By: The Horrorville Haunt

Hollywood Haunts Official Site The Horrorville Haunt, Introsound 2013 In the years since I reviewed Monster Movie Haunts! in the first “Music to Haunt By” series, Hollywood Haunts (aka Introsound) seems to have focused more on creating albums intended for use at parties rather than spooky ambiance CDs. But don’t think that’s a complaint against …

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Winter’s Majesty

Nox Arcana Official Site Winter’s Majesty, Monolith Graphics 2012 Back when I reviewed Winter’s Eve, I teased the upcoming release of the third (and final) installment of Nox Arcana’s “Winter” series. I’m happy to report that both Jeff Endemann and the Gregorian Shadow Choir have returned for this album. Those fond of the wordless female …

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The Mission Creeps, HALLOWEEN

The Mission Creeps Official Site Halloween, Refractory Records 2012 For those of you who missed my first article about The Mission Creeps, I’ll explain. Although well-known for their particular brand of dark surf music, it’s not unusual for them to switch genres and styles several times over the course of a single album. Their newest …

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Music to Haunt By: Verse 13

Verse 13 Official Site Memories from the Grave, Dark Owl Records 2012 Like many of the artists covered in this year’s review series, Verse 13 is a relative newcomer to the world of spooky atmosphere music. Founded by Las Vegas, Nevada resident Mike Fox in 2010 with the release of Prelude to the Afterlife, Verse …

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Sounds to Scare By: Sounds of Gore

Sounds of Gore Official Site Sounds of Gore Compilation, Gore Galore 2007 Organum, Rusty Knife Haunt Soundtracks 2004 Like many Halloween enthusiasts, I’ve drooled over the high quality costumes and props offered by Gore Galore for quite some time. But it seems that I spent a little too much time admiring their props, as it …

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Music to Haunt By: Shadow’s Symphony

Shadow’s Symphony Official Facebook Page The House In The Mist, Self-release 2011 Shadow’s Symphony is the musical brainchild of Pennsylvania native Grant Smoker. Shadow’s Symphony’s Facebook page touts their style as “haunting music from the darkness,” which I can’t say I disagree with after hearing their first album, The House In The Mist. The title …

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Music to Haunt By: Sonic Realm

Sonic Realm Official Site Halloween Horrorscapes, Koberlin Studios 2007 Halloween Horrorscapes is a very interesting case. Although it’s an album of soundscapes, there’s just enough music in it to keep it from being your typical scary sounds CDs. Also separating it from the usual Halloween fare are its intense, not entirely kid-friendly nature and its …

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Music to Haunt By: The Dark Tower

Nox Arcana Official Site The Dark Tower, Monolith Graphics 2011 What can I say about Nox Arcana that hasn’t already been said since I last reviewed them in “Music to Haunt By?” Well, this is the second time I’ve reviewed them for this series (unless you count the band members’ participation in Buzz Works as …

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Music to Haunt By: Dead Rose Symphony

Dead Rose Symphony

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Music to Haunt By: Darkmood

Darkmood Official Site

Music to Haunt By: Alex Otterlei

Alex Otterlei Official Site

Music to Haunt By: Prelude to a Nightmare

Prelude to a Nightmare Official Site Carpe Noctem, Prelude to a Nightmare Records 2010 One of the joys of Twitter is connecting with new people. One of my Twitter friends includes Prelude to a Nightmare, who I’m rather embarrassed to admit that I did not realize he did music until quite recently. Hey, our Twitter …

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Winter’s Eve

Damn it, not again! Oh well, thank goodness bird poop is white...

Nox Arcana Official Site Winter’s Eve, Monolith Graphics 2009 Winter can be a time of both wonder and woe. While the falling of snow delights many, other look upon it with dread. The gray skies of daytime, coupled with the bare branches of trees looking like grasping hands rising from a grave and longer hours …

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