October 2, 2011 archive

Sunday Reading: BARFODDER by Rain Graves

Barfodder: Poetry Written in Dark bars and Questionable Cafes By Rain Graves Cemetery Dance Publications 2008 www.cemeterydance.com Poetry is hell; specifically, writing poetry is a hell to endure to create something that is terribly personal but to the point it twists itself inside out to achieve a universal state. Poetry, or ‘good’ poetry, requires a …

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How to Survive a Horror Movie

Given the sheer amount of humorous horror–related handbooks and survival guides, it’s all too easy to forget the idea that started it all: horror movie survival in general. There must have been something in the air during the mid-to-late nineties. “How to survive a horror movie” emails were being forwarded left and right and 1996’s …

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