October 14, 2011 archive

Halloween on the Cheap

Paranormal Activity 3 opens next Friday. Are you excited? I’m not. Why? Because I’m tired of derivative content. I’m tired of the news about the multiple Frankenstein movies in production. I’m sick of commercials for Grimm and the subway signs for Once Upon A Time (which is the inspiration for yesterday’s post, since I’m one red sharpie …

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The People Behind VHS Cover Art

The last time I discussed VHS cover art, I had wanted to include a video featuring artwork by a British artist. As I was unable to remember his name, I was unable to find, let alone include, it. Thankfully, diligent searching has paid off and I finally remembered his name: Graham Humphreys. British readers will …

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6′+ Episode 15 is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “We continue to celebrate Halloween here on 6′+ with another round of Halloween music. This time, we get into the attitude and atmosphere of this time of year with a collection of ambient soundscapes. With music to make your skin crawl and bones jump out of …

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