Alice Cooper’s Identity Crisis

The story goes that, back in the early 80’s, Vincent Furnier (better known as Alice Cooper) was approached by some foreign filmmakers about starring in a horror movie. Cooper was hesitant about the idea, until the filmmakers assured him that the film would only be seen in the Philippines. As it turns out, this was less than true and Monster Dog was seen all over the world. In it, he plays a rock star named “Vincent Raven” who runs afoul of a werewolf while trying to film some music videos at his childhood home. As most hardcore fans of his will tell you, the movie is only worth seeing as a curiosity or as a way to hear his performances of the two songs written for the film, “Identity Crisis” and “See Me In The Mirror.” In fact, that was the only way to hear those songs until they were released as part of The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper CD set in 1999. As Monster Dog currently doesn’t seem to have a legitimate DVD release, I thought I’d share the two performances from the film below:

Although I absolutely love the first song, I can emphasize with Cooper’s legendarily low opinion about the quality of the rest of the film. Supposedly he’ll just laugh and immediately change the subject whenever anyone tries asking him about the film. That said, you can read some more details about the making of the film at this unofficial fansite.

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