Haunted Attraction Review Websites II

Haunted house for sale!

Despite the massive size of last year’s list of haunted attraction review websites, it turns out that I missed a LOT of sites. Here’s a new batch for you all to enjoy (presented in no particular order):

Top Haunts
Haunt Rater
Scare Zone
Scare Raters
Spooky Review
Horror Tourers
Denver Haunted Houses
Haunted Reviewer
Haunted Attraction Review
NC Haunts Haunted Event Listings
Haunted House Ratings
ScuRRyFace Haunt Reviews
Dark Menagerie.com Haunt Reviews (alternate link)
Ohio Valley Haunts
Oklahoma Haunted House Reviews
Scariest Haunted Houses in Illinois
Visitor Reviews – Chicago Halloween Guide
Halloween: Haunted House and Haunted Attraction Reviews – OnezumiVeverse
Lady Hecate’s Ohio Haunted Houses Review

Man, Ohio and Illinois sure do love haunts something fierce! I also noticed how two of the sites I linked to last year now have alternate URLs:

Haunted Attraction Review
Constantine’s Haunt Reviews

Speaking of noticing stuff, it seems that visitors to my original list of haunted attraction reviews never click on the two links to older articles which also feature links to haunted attraction review websites. Since I don’t want anyone to miss out on these great resources, I’m reposting the following:

Mad Martian
Haunted Illinois
Is It October Yet?
Haunted House Chicago

Somehow I get the feeling that I’ll be finding even more links next year…


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  1. Cool!

  2. Thank you for the mention of my review site! I just found this. :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment; I’m glad you liked the list! :)

  1. […] seems that every year I put together what seems like a complete listing of websites devoted to reviews of various haunted […]

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