Coming Soon: Haunt Reviews

It’s often best to visit a haunted attraction (be it house, hayride, trail, etc.) around this time to the middle of October in order to avoid long lines and waiting times. So in the near future, Strange Jason will be covering some haunted attractions in Connecticut and I’ll be covering some in Massachusetts. Sadly, due to transportation and financial issues, I’m only able review places that I’ve been to in the past.

Readers in other states might find the reviews at the following sites to be useful:

Goblinhaus – Covers parts of Tennessee, Texas, and more.

Gone, but not forgotten:

Mad Martian – Covers Portland, Oregon (1999-2005).

Hauntfreaks – Covers New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, California, and other parts of the east coast (2001-2003).

Please be sure to verify that the attractions mentioned on those sites are still in business before heading out to see them. It’s not unusual for haunted attractions to only operate for a few years and then vanish.

UPDATE: It turns out Hauntfreaks had revived sometime after I originally wrote this and actually started in 2000! Check out their official Facebook page for more information.

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