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This place puts a new spin on the term

After watching those walkthrough videos I posted a few days ago, you’re probably itching to visit a haunted house/trail/hayride/etc. in your area. But how do you know if there are any in your area, let alone if they’re worth the time and money to go there? Although we here at Gravedigger’s Local 16 have both reviewed several haunted attractions and shared a few haunted attraction review sites in the past, we were only scratching the surface. After spending untold hours on Google, I have compiled an enormous list of websites that blow us out of the water in that regard.

Please keep in mind that not all of the following websites are solely devoted to haunted attraction reviews and many are regional in focus. In fact, a few focus exclusively on haunted attractions in Canada and the UK:

Haunted Attraction Review
Stix’s Haunted Attraction Reviews
Haunted Wisconsin
American Haunts
Haunters Inc.
Haunted Denver
B-Movie Geek: Haunted Attractions
New Jersey Haunted Houses
The Scare Factor
City Blood: Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana Haunts!
Haunt Reviewers Association
Constantine’s Haunt Reviews on Myspace
Haunted House Reviews | Scareyou.com
365 Halloween
Texas Haunt Review
Haunted Attraction Reviews New England on Myspace
America’s Best Haunted Houses
Halloween in Michigan – DJ Madman Mike Your Musical Slave
Scareworld Magazine
Scare Attractions UK (scarechasers) on Twitter
Denver Haunted Attractions
Chateau GRRR
Baltimore Scare Crew
Haunted Midsouth
The Scare Factor
Southern Ontario’s Haunted House Attractions Guide
The Dwyer & Michaels Ghoulish Guide – 2Dorks.com

Although not technically a haunted attraction review website, readers of this article might also be interested in the Haunted House Link Exchange.

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