The Order of the Fly

Hailing from San Bernadino Cakifornia, The Order of the Fly makes a brand of horror music that is so unique, that it defies classification. Blending,punk,industrial,goth,electronic,metal and as well as a few other surprises makes them incomparable to any other band out there.
With a DIY ethic and drive Lead by vocalist/bassist, Ralphie Repulsive, who also does most of the bands albums covers and promo artwork, the current line up also consists of
Tom Thyestean:Guitar
J’Syn Thetic:Keyboards/Vocals
Abby Noxious:Keyboards
Danny Disaster:Drums
Since 2000 they have brought their special brand of horror and misery music to the ears of the eagerly desolate. And while such songs as “Eaters of the Dead” and “Vampire Killers” may hint at slight horror campiness, it’s the more serious topics of depression,inner horror, self hatred, apocalyptic nightmares that drive much of the bands music.

Most physical copies of the band’s music is hard to come by. ($99 for a copy of the band’s second album, “World Gone Mad” on will tell you something) My theory is that people connect to this music so much, they don’t dare let it go.
That’s not to say their music is impossible to find should you choose to take this writer’s suggestion and give them a listen. (Keep in mind, Kraig Khaos has yet to steer you wrong…..when it comes to music that is.)
You can find their self produced video for the song “Rot” on YouTube, as well as video clips of their insane live performances.
You can download,for “Name Your Price” cost, their last 2 E.P.s, “The Persistence of Vermin” and the EXCELLENT “Lambs in the Abattoir” on their bandcamp site at TOOTF BANDCAMP
Also, keep checking back on their bandcamp as how some of the older stuff will soon make it’s way on there.
The Order of the Fly can also be found on Spotify, Soundike and a few other download stores.

And for you vinyl lovers (such as myself), you can pick up their awesome “A Pox on All The Pretties” 7″ colored vinyl at Interpunk here: INTERPUNK POX

And DEFINITELY go say hi at their FACEBOOK

While dormant and lying in wait for a few years, look out for BIG things in 2018 from THE ORDER OF THE FLY!!

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