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Quick And Dirty Alien Artifact

A friend of mine is having an “Area 51” themed Halloween party and asked if I would be willing to come up with some decorations. He already had an awesome prop of a grey alien in a cryochamber from last year (created from a cylindrical Coca-Cola ice cooler he salvaged from a local convenience store) …

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Tuesday uEtsy: Trance Doll Apparel

Trace Doll Apparel http://www.etsy.com/shop/TranceDollApparel Corrosive Deconstruction Line ‘Zombie Attack’ T-Shirt For some, the summer isn’t all that fun. Dog-mouth humidity and high temperatures might make someone choose to hibernate in front of a window-mounted AC unit until the end of September. We can’t fault a person for doing that. There will come a time in …

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It’s News to Me!

While browsing through Comcast’s OnDemand service, I discovered that the “Preferred Collection” menu (found in both the “Free Movies” and “Premium Channels” sections) contains free movies that aren’t listed in any of the other movie categories. If you want to see films like Curse of the Demon and Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, I …

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