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A Handful of Dirt: Caleb Emerson

Caleb Emerson

A Handful of Dirt asks a person five questions they wouldn’t normally expect or receive in any other credible interview. In consulting the Serendipiter Bag o’InquiryTM, we pose a series of questions to come up with a bit of knowledge unknown before – a handful of dirt.   Caleb Emerson is an auteur the likes …

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Entrar…REY ZOMBIE!!!!

‘Enter…Zombie King’ is a good movie, though not without its flaws. In fact, how ‘Enter…’ overcomes some of its challenges gives the movie a unique charm to it. During a scene early in the movie, Mercedes, lead female antagonist, steps out in a modest bikini. “It’s a little cold for that, no?” inquires Ulysses, lead …

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Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas

When the Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas screener came in the mail, I was psyched. The accompanying promotional material described a plot about two stoners’ Christmas wish for marijuana going horribly wrong when Santa accidentally brings some zombie weed instead. As if Santa turning into a zombie wasn’t bad enough, Nixon and Hogan have to …

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