Our Mission Statement

“Young Harry, propp’d up just as straight as he’s able,
Will soon lose his wig and slip under the table,
But fill up your goblets and pass ‘em around
Better under the table than under the ground!
So revel and chaff as ye thirstily quaff:
Under six feet of dirt ’tis less easy to laugh!”
-H.P. Lovecraft, The Tomb

The GdL16 Motto

Omnis Habet Locum
“Everything Has A Place”

Gravediggers Local 16 digs up the bizarre, the odd  and the outright spooky, sharing what we find to make your day all that weirder. While primarily dealing with the odd world of horror, we are not limited in our fields of interest and may bring you things from the world of kaiju, sci-fi and all inbetween. 

The Abominable N. Oremac, Atomic Mystery Monster, Strange Jason and Weird Jon offer up news, reviews and everything inbetween. The Front Office chimes in regularly, either with a bit of news or with the weekly features. We also are lucky to have contributions from Monstermatt Patteson and McVladie. 

Meanwhile, we also bring you 6’+, the weekly podcast of music (and whatever else we find) over at 6ftplus.com. You can listen or download episodes there or subscribe via iTunes or whatever feed-reader you prefer.

Do you have a movie, a CD, a television show, a book or a magazine that you would like written up about here at GdL16? Feel free to contact GdL16 by emailing us at Contact [at] Gravediggerslocal.com. Try to include a subject line that might not look like a spammer. We’re also found on Facebook and Twitter.

Comments made on articles do not reflect the beliefs of Gravedigger’s Local 16 and should be treated as only being the opinion(s) of their authors.

GdL16, Gravedigger’s Local 16 and all subsequent intellectual property © 2008-present. Don’t be a jerk.

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  1. Keepin it creepy. I can dig it!

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