In short: Contact @ if you want any of our writers to offer a review.


Are you a horror punk, pyschobilly, surf, tiki or western band/musician?

Are you an artist with a incredible catalog of monsterous images flowing from your brush?

Are you an  filmmaker who has a new movie or short, ready to knock the viewing public on its ear?

Are you a writer penning tome after tome of the horrorful, bizarre or strangely strange?

We here at GdL16 like to dig up new stuff – new to the world or new to us. Perhaps you’ve been happily doing something for the last century or the last ten minutes. Contact us – Contact [at] gravediggerslocal dot com. Let us know who you are, what you do and we’ll talk. We always welcome people who want to share their art and want to get a GdL16’s member’s view on it. We will always give an honest eye and a fair mind.



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  1. Mark Freeland

    I am a miner in Canada. I want Gravedigger Local 16 swag for me and my workmates. Good durable stickers for hard hats or shirts with the logo and slogan would be good, Have you swag available? I don’t understand internet. If it is on your website I cannot find it. Please advise.

    1. Strange Jason

      Hey Mark!

      I emailed you and I was curious if you got it. We don’t have stickers just yet but you can expect them sometime in the summer. Right now, I have some pins I can send all you guys. If you didn’t get my email, check your spam folder or write I’ll hook you up.

  2. Frank

    Hey guys, I know at on time you had patches. Do you still have them? And how can I get 2 or 3 of them?
    Thanks Frank P.

  3. Sean

    patches & t-shirts? Where do I find them??
    BTW,,,add some Psychocharger to your podcast!

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