Halloween on the Cheap

Paranormal Activity 3 opens next Friday. Are you excited? I’m not.

Why? Because I’m tired of derivative content. I’m tired of the news about the multiple Frankenstein movies in production. I’m sick of commercials for Grimm and the subway signs for Once Upon A Time (which is the inspiration for yesterday’s post, since I’m one red sharpie away from introducing the world to my concept, Once Upon A Fuck You. As of writing that sentence, I’ve received five offers, two of which were from NBC, and as we know, Ryan Gosling has been rumored to playing the lead.)

I’m tired of how chickenshit movie studios are from taking risks that they have to mine every book, board game, television show and plastic toy for an idea because if there’s a preexisting fanbase, there’s at least a guaranteed return on the investment.

Popular culture is killing my Halloween Spirit. I feel like three monsters will appear to me tonight in a dream. Leatherface, Jason and Freddy (haw, haw) will show me the error of my ways. Which, we’re half-way through the month and I am not loathing Halloween.

This is why I value independent cinema. The bad independent monster movie will always trump the mediocre remake in my opinion. Look, I’m not strange. It’s in my name and yeah, I’m kind of a weirdo but there’s at least hundreds if not thousands (possible millions, but lord. What a thought.) like me who are willing to cut you some slack. Make a movie but some things have fucked up, out of your control and it’s not that A+ effort? You know what? You took a risk and you did it. Gold star.

So instead of seeing Paranormal Activity 3 in a week, rent a damn video or stream from Netflix or download it. I don’t care. Just get out of this funk of junk food they’re feeding and get back into the creepy spirit. lord knows I need to.

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