Even More Links *I* Like

Atop the Fourth Wall – Hilarious reviews of comic books that suck.

Pop Music Pop Culture – ‎It’s more quiet than it used to be, but it’s still worth registering for PMPC. If you like bargain bin entertainment, this is the group for you!

Video Junkie Strikes Back from Beyond the Grave – William S. Wilson and Thomas T. Sueyres offer an incredible selection of article and (often NSFW) reviews. The “The Never Got Made Files” is a must read.

Ghostlight – Halloween goodness and homemade props.

Doubtful News – A much needed rational approach to news stories about the “unexplained,” along with a nice dollop of humor.

Kempa.com – I am in awe of this man’s projects. Click the link to see why.

Mise-en-Scene Crypt – Kester Pelagius is into some weird stuff…which is precisely why I like reading his reviews!

Haunted Radio – Covers all aspects of the horror community.

Shocktail Hour – That’s right, Hauntcast is now offering a spooky music podcast!

Freddy In Space – How can you not love a site with a name like that?

Kindertrauma – Are you still haunted by vague memories of a television show or movie that scared the crap out of you as a kid? You’re far from alone.

Frankensteinia – All Frankenstein’s monster, all the time!

Little Weirdos – We’ve all had little toy monsters from toylines we’ve long since forgotten at one point or another. Thanks to Little Weirdos, you can finally learn more about them.

Vault of Buncheness – Pop culture ronin Steve Bunche looks at movies and comic books as only he can. TRUST YER BUNCHE!

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