Mar 24 2015

Into The Voodoo


At the end of May, Uncommon Interests will be unleashing it’s first record. A hair raising, eye popping, eardrum exploding sonic terror meltdown. Into the Voodoo is a 3 way split compilation record featuring The Bad Whoremoans, Creepersin, and The Jim Parsons Project. The record will be a limited edition of 500 on blood red vinyl. As of this post, roughly 150 are left for pre-order over at https://uncommoninterests.bandcamp.com/ All other copies are spoken for.







You can currently listen to and download the album for free at https://uncommoninterests.bandcamp.com/ And while you’re there, you can also get a limited edition (only 100 made) Into the Voodoo promo poster.


And don’t forget to check in every 2 weeks for a new episode of the Uncommon Interests podcast over at  https://uncommoninterests.libsyn.com/

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