The Ded Dave Show Show

We’re always a fan of independent horror and cinema, so it was very kind for the folks over at The Ded Dave Show to clue us in to their little corner of the world, letting us know about their upcoming necro-cabaret of sorts:

“May 22, 2010 brings The Ded Dave Show SHOW to Theatre Bizarre in Detroit! Join the cast and crew for a complete night of live zombie entertainment! Three episodes will be shown on a giant screen, there will be zombie burlesque, a zombie eating contest, a best zombie costume contest, Eduardo Gallagher and his Mallet of Doom, and MORE!”

Look, if you’re in Detroit already, good chances are that you’re dead or will shortly become so. Might as well get on with the appropriate festivities. Zombie Burlesque. Contests. Three uncensored Dead Dave shows. Beer (21+). Seems like a great idea of a Saturday night.

Just because Michigan might be dying (cross our fingers it doesn’t) doesn’t mean it has to take it lying down. Or take it at all. C’mon, Detroit. Death didn’t stop Dave and it sure as hell won’t stop anyone from hitting up Theatre Bizarre this Saturday.

Theatre Bizarre (967 W State Fair Detroit, MI 48203) 

Admission: $5 for humans/$3 for zombies 

18 and older ONLY

Here’s the promo for the event with its host, Eduardo Gallagher.

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