Best Birthday Ever!

On this day in 2008, Strange Jason posted the first ever Gravedigger’s Local 16 entry. To celebrate the site’s birthday, let’s watch a video of a birthday party featuring an amazing (and huge) King Kong costume:

Awesome stuff, right? It gets better: I noticed that video’s description said the father of the boy the party was held for works for a special effects company called “Area51” (some sections are NSFW). The costume was a custom job, originally made for use at a Scissor Sisters concert, and has since been recycled for use in this unique jungle adventure party package! This revelation also led me to the company’s Youtube account, which had a video of the attraction that was used for the party:

The camera is much closer to Kong in this video, which gives you a much better look at the costume. If that isn’t enough for you, the close-up pictures shown here should be of interest. I wish I lived in England, because I’d love to have a party like this. And, no, not only because of the cute jungle gals…

Happy Birthday Gravedigger’s Local 16!

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