Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: Haunted Tiki Island


Those of you who read my first article about freaky Tiki-related arts and crafts might remember some links relating to a “Haunted Tiki Island.” However, the subject of those links was so interesting that I thought it deserved its own article. Haunted Tiki Island refers to the theme used by the Haunt at Hellizondo in Simi Valley, California. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, we can watch some slideshow videos from its 2007-2009 setups:

Although the Haunted Tiki Island theme has been since dropped in favor of exploring other ideas, you can still learn more about it on its official blog and its category at the Haunt at Hellizondo website.

Speaking of cool Halloween setups, check out this amazing Halloween party based on the works of Shag! It’s a shame that the official Shag! skull Tiki mugs were Japan-only items, as they would have been PERFECT for this bash.

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