Valenslime’s Is Here Again!

You bring out the worst in me, Valentine...

Given that today marks both Valentine’s Day and a full moon, we here at Gravedigger’s Local 16 decided to go the extra mile this year. So in addition to today’s episode of the podcast, we’re going to make your Valentine’s Day extra special.

Given how the Halloweens of days gone by often focused on romance, why not give a spooky card to your Valentine? In addition to these homemade cards from HalloweenForum, you can also check out these creepy old school Valentines.

If you’re looking for another excuse to embrace in public, why not visit a haunted attraction? There are an amazing number of haunts that have opened up for the occasion. In addition to the lists of such haunted houses available at FrightProps and The Scare Zone, we also managed to find a few haunts that they missed!

Fear City Chicago is holding a “Valentine’s Zombie Massacre Bash” and Raven’s Grin Inn will also be open on the big day. Actually, Raven’s Grin Inn is open every day of the year (but be sure to call ahead first)!

Although those haunt lists already note the Cutting Edge Haunted House, we thought you might like to know you can save $5.00 if you “Like” them on Facebook and use the promo code “Twisted love” when you buy tickets through their website.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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